Our principals are industry leaders with proven track records for continuous product innovation, high reliability, on-time delivery, and long-term relationships.


(www.glenair.com) Fastest growing privately held connector company in the U.S. Vertically integrated OEM for connector backshells/accessories, many mil spec connectors - M83513, M26482, M28840, M38999 specials, new Nano M32139, M5015 reverse bayonet power, hermetics, filters, fiber optic systems, M24758 conduit systems, plastic convoluted tubing systems, composite enclosures & connectors and accessories, complex cable & conduit assemblies. Two new connector series in stock for dense packaging needs: Mighty Mouse circular connector (miniaturized M38999) and rectangular Micro Crimp with 29 new layouts.

Henkel Electronics Materials, LLC. (The Bergquist Company)

(www.bergquistcompany.com) World leader for thermal interface solutions including Sil-Pad® thermally conductive interface materials (electrically isolating and non-isolating); Gap Pad® electrically insulating gap pads; Gap Filler electrically isolating dispensed materials; Hi-Flow® phase change grease replacements; Bond-Ply™ thermally conductive adhesive tapes; Liqui-Bond® thermal epoxies; silicone free products; and Thermal Clad® insulated metal substrates. HeatSeal® Thermally Bonded harsh environment membrane switches and circuits.

Winstronics International

(www.winsusa.com) Focus on cable & wire harness assemblies, LCD integration, chassis design, full kiosk assembly, PCB assemblies, test, & packaging. Design, tooling, & manufacturing in-house for complete sheet metal enclosures & plastics molding. Experienced bringing design/manufacture to China while protecting IP. Customer service, engineering, QC, prototype, and stocking in Fremont CA HQ, with manufacturing in China in Winstronics-owned facilities.

ECS Case

(www.ECScase.com) Full line of factory direct shipping cases as well as the most advanced custom packaging solutions available today. Ruggedized commercial-off-the-shelf products include rackmount enclosures, medical cases, weapons solutions, shipping, storage, drawer and footlocker cases. ECS designs for military, emergency response, industrial and commercial applications with demanding requirements using reinforced composites, carbon fiber, and rotationally molded materials.

Jonathan Engineered Solutions

(www.jonathanengr.com) Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and friction slides. Brackets, trays, sheet metal & sheet metal assemblies, and cable management systems.

Equipto Electronics Corp.

(www.equiptoelec.com) Modular heavy-duty electronic cabinets, aluminum subracks, & relay racks. 5 day QTA available. Design services available including modifications of standard products to analytical performance analysis. Cabinets that meet NSA 94-106, earthquake, EMI/RFI, FCC, Military (MIL-167, MIL-461, MIL-810 & MIL-901) Tempest. NEMA 1, 2, 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 6 & 12 enclosures. Ka-Shield enclosures that protect your Ka Band Communications and Data from EMI/RFI and EMP.

Renco Electronics

(www.rencousa.com) Array of standard and custom magnetics for all industries. Full line of surface mount and leaded inductors, transformers, toroids, and chokes. Engineered customs a specialty with a prototype line for QTA. ISO 9001:2000 certified and RoHS compliant.

ElectroMet Corporation

(www.electromet.com) In operation since 1974, Electomet is a recognized leader and trusted Defense Industry partner, providing comprehensive world class solutions in the field of electronics packaging products and precision metal components for naval, fixed and moble installations.

SEACOMP - Displaytech and HDP Power and Battery

(www.displaytech-us.com) & (www.hdp-power.com) Std. & custom LCDs (monochrome and TFT color displays). Standard monochromes include segmented, character, & graphic. Single color and RGB backlights. AC-DC external and embedded power supplies, rechargeable batteries, charging systems, and custom battery pack assemblies.

Brandywine Corporation

(www.brandywinecomm.com) Brandywine Communications Inc. is a premier supplier of: GPS Clocks - Bus level timing products - Network Time Servers - PTP Grand Master for IEEE-1588 Protocol - SSU's (Sync Supply Units) - BITS Clocks - PRS's (Primary Reference Source's) - Timing Test Equipment.

Astronics Ballard Technologies

(www.ballardtech.com) Develops and manufactures electronic hardware and software for aerospace, industrial, and military applications. Leader in COTS avionics databus hardware. Advanced board, box, and software solutions for embedded, test, and simulation applications. Interface cards, interface peripheral devices, embedded computer, software, and cables & accessories.